Who Says Seniors @ 50 & above can’t look good?


My vision & purpose for the Seniors in Singapore.

  1. Raise A Purposeful Senior!

Not A Demotivated One. Able to find their purpose and destiny again.

  1. Have confidence and take control of their looks again. 
  1. Take ownership for the health of their bodies. Instead of thinking… “Ahya, How Long more can I live? I don’t have Long to live anyway. So just eat n enjoy lah. Who cares ? I don’t even know if I will be around tomor” 
  1. To prevent seniors from walking disability As they increase in days. 
  1. Improve walking postures and there by improve and prevent walking disabilities in future.

I envision a Singapore where many seniors are healthy, able , independent… and HAPPY! Living with A Purpose!! Not wheelchair bound. Not bedridden.

May seem impossible? Well… if we have that goal… and we work towards it… than we can prevent, reduce and nib it in the bud… Like what our AweSome Caring Government  is doing in their Fight with Diabetes!


Seniors Don’t retire to die!

You retire to Refire!

To live a Purposeful Life!


Why are U still Alive Today?

Means God has a purpose for U !

Whichever God you believe in,  there is a creator that made U.

U are SPECIAL even today, at whatever age.

Don’t live just waiting To die!


Warrior & Warrior Princess, Don’t Live to RETIRE, Live to REFIRE!

Start today! Take Ownership & Control of your life again!


Connect with me for group classes for seniors.  Even seniors in senior residents home are welcome.


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